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Victory in Malta: Serbian Children Stay with Their Parents


Twenty-two children of Serbian nationals in Malta threatened with persecution remain on the island.
After much pressure from the public, the media and the Serbian community in Malta, there was a twist in the story of 22 children from Serbia who were threatened with persecution because, according to authorities, their parents’ poor earnings.

The Prime Minister of Malta held an emergency meeting this morning with the ministers involved in resolving the issue and an exemption decision was made, RTS has learned.

This means that 22 children of Serbian citizens will receive residence permits and stay in Malta.

Parents are concerned that this decision may be short-lived and fear that the Maltese authorities will start sending rejections again.

The Prime Minister of Malta was given a petition to stay with the children. The petition was signed in less than 24 hours by 3,000 people, including many celebrities, the Archbishop of Malta.

Former Malta President Marie-Louise Koleiro Preka also provided support to her parents from Serbia, who said she was appalled by the Maltese administration’s treatment of the non-domicile community.

Under Maltese laws, families from third countries (non-EU countries) must earn at least € 19,000 a year, plus € 3,800 for each child. This amount does not include bonuses or overtime.


Source: RTRS


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