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“Vihor’s verse” brought together numerous poets in Brod


A manifestation “Vihor’s verse” was held in Brod, at which poets from this municipality, Derventa, Doboj and Prnjavor, stated that it was necessary to preserve the Serbian language and script.

The Head of the Temple of the Shroud of the Most Holy Theotokos, Zeljko Teofilovic, expressed his satisfaction that the Brod Community Church was part of last night’s program and organization of this gathering at the premises of the Svetosavski Dom.

“This is a return of culture to the churches and monasteries as it used to be, because they are the guardians of the tradition and literacy of the Serbian people. It is even more satisfying to have a literary evening at the Svetosavsky House, consecrated on the Feast of the Shroud of the Blessed Virgin, when the glory of the temple, ”Teofilovic said.

President of the Serbian Literary Club / SKK / “Vihor” Dervent Nenad Simić emphasized that the event was held in the year when the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates the anniversary of 800 years of autocephaly.

“The gathering was held at the beautiful Svetosavski Dom building, which should be the pride of this local community and much more. We also send a message that it is necessary to preserve the Serbian language and script,” Simic said.

Derventa poet Milorad Djurdjevic recalled that the first “Vihor Verse” was held last year in Derventa.

“This is also a form of restoring hospitality to poets from other backgrounds. In preserving Serbian identity, culture and poetry, the Church of Brod has generously offered us its space, with the aim of promoting us as Serbian guardians and guardians of Serbian identity,” said Djurdjevic, who and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SKK “Vihor”.

The program included poets Miroslav Zivkovic, Jovo Dimic, Savko Pecic, Nenad Simic, Slavko Pokrajac, Milorad Djurdjevic, Zeljka Ignjatic, Gordana Ilic, Rada Janjusic, Biljana Dobrilovic, Nedeljko Kovacevic and Goran Vukovic.

The youngest band of the Culture and Art Society “Dusko Trifunovic” Brod performed.

Prior to the event, a prayer was served at the Temple of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, attended by poets.

The organizers of the event are Church Church Brod and SKK “Vihor” from Derventa.




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