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Villages in BiH are visited by guests from all over the world


A natural environment and peaceful surroundings without noise, homemade food, getting introduced to the rural lifestyle and numerous other tourist offers are the most important characteristics of our rural tourism. In today’s urban life, an increasing number of people is trying to find some peace in rural areas.

Rural tourism in BiH started developing during the time of Yugoslavia, but it is more frequently mentioned in the last ten years since the tourism potential of rural areas in our country has been recognized.

The most important consequence of the development of the sector of rural tourism is the overall progress of rural communities, the improvement of the socio-economic status of the population in order to prefer to stay in their communities rather than to move to larger cities in our country or elsewhere.

When it comes to BiH, there are already numerous boarding houses, rural households, camps, vineyards, mountain lodges and ethnic villages that are offering numerous services: sports and recreational content such as hunting, fishing, and rafting, participation in activities related to animal care, riding, sightseeing nearby localities, etc.

“It was not easy to start this job, it was difficult to provide funds, but thanks to the dedication of all family members, we managed to arrange a small rural household where people from all over the world are more than happy to come,” said Jelena Elez from Ethno-household Kovacevic.

She said that their guests are coming from all countries in the region, but there are also those from France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and they even hosted tourists from South Africa.


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