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Višegrad Has a Lot to Offer to Tourists


The Minister of Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Srpska, Suzana Gašić, said that in the coming period in Srpska the focus must be primarily on domestic tourists, because the new conditions of the coronavirus epidemic have forced society to think more about domestic contents, such as Višegrad, which has a huge history.

– It is important that we conjure up and present to our citizens all the potentials offered by the Republic of Srpska, and how could they, therefore, present it to all foreign tourists who come to our country – Gaš ićpointed out in Višegrad.

She stated that they are making great efforts in this municipality in order to show Višegrad in the best way to all those who are interested in visiting this city and seeing its potentials.

After visiting Andrićgrad, the Tourist Organization of Višegrad, and the Mehmed-paša Sokolović Bridge, she expressed her belief that this organization, in cooperation with the local community, will attract a huge number of tourists in the next tourist season.

The representative of the Tourist Organization of Višegrad, Branislav Andrić, said that they talked with Gašić today about the projects that will be realized in the next period in this municipality.

– In the previous days, the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Srpska and the Government of Srpska made optimistic announcements for Visegrad, such as investments in the Višegrad Spa and other tourist potentials of this local community – stated Andrić.

He added that the general position of all tourist organizations in the Republic of Srpska is to adjust the plans for the next tourist season to the situation.

The director of the Rehabilitation Center “Vilina Vlas”, Dušana Bukvić, said that today they talked about the current way of working of this center, its way of sustainability, and tourist vouchers, in accordance with the announced investments in the Višegrad Spa.




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