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Višković: American reports malicious, they want to take our mineral wealth


Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković has said that the American reports are malicious and that they want to take Srpska’s mineral resources.

Višković has said that there is an artificial narrative about the undermined security in BiH, stressing that Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik and all other individuals and institutions protect the Constitution.

“If peace is disturbed by someone, it will be exclusively by the actions of foreigners. The US Embassy should be asked that question,” Višković said at a press conference in Banja Luka.

He emphasized that there are pressures from foreigners, and reminded how they tried to stop the transaction of Vienna bonds.

“We paid two days earlier. They would have stopped it so they could have said that Republika Srpska has no money. They threaten with sanctions, blackmail, and the prevention of projects. They also interfere in what we want to build,” Višković said.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence /ODNI/ of the United States said in its annual report that “the Western Balkans will likely face an increased risk of localized inter-ethnic violence during 2024.”

The Western Balkans, specifically BiH and Kosovo and Metohija, are mentioned in the chapter “Conflicts and Instability,” and the report warned that “nationalist leaders could worsen tensions, while external actors will use ethnic differences to increase or protect their regional influence and thwart wider integration of the Balkans into the EU or Euro-Atlantic institutions.”


Source: srna.rs


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