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Bam 100,000 Approved for Making Movie About Corridor Breakthrough


Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković told SRNA today that the Government approved BAM 100,000 in support of making a documentary feature film about the Posavina corridor breakthrough.

Višković has said that Serbia will provide two-thirds of the money for the project, and Republika Srpska one-third, which was confirmed at a Government meeting yesterday.

He has stressed that Srpska should immortalize the event so that the future generations could see who and how defended Republika Srpska.

“There is no dilemma regarding the Srpska Government’s support for the project. We will take part in the project until the end as it has huge importance for Srpska. This is one of the largest and the most glorious victories of the Republika Srpska Army in the patriotic-defense war. The Corridor is the lifeline which saved the western part of Srpska,” Višković said.

Regarding yesterday’s Government’s decision to approve BAM 1.5 million in support of sports clubs in Srpska, Višković has said that this was done to keep the youth away from streets and vices.

He has said that 36 clubs in 18 local communities will get financial aid, and individual amounts will range from BAM 20,000 to BAM 150,000.

“This will depend on the club’s results and the level at which it is competing. Various sports are encompassed, and we tried to encompass clubs at higher competition levels which achieved results,” Višković explained.

He has recalled that a draft bill on sports was adopted at the last session of the Republika Srpska National Assembly the aim of which is to regulate this field in Srpska.

“This field is not regulated now. Sports societies function as NGOs and they have many problems. They are not able to meet basic financial obligations, to pay referees or costs of trips let alone pay taxes and contributions,” Višković said.


Source: SRNA


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