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Višković: For Flood Prevention 7,8 Million KM


The Solidarity Fund for Reconstruction of the Republic of Srpska (RS) approved 37 projects worth KM 7.8 million in the past year, with the aim of preventive action to prevent flood damage, as recorded in 2014 and last year, said Republic of Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković today.

At today’s session of the Board of Directors of the Fund, two million KM was also approved, of which 820.00 KM was given to the public company “Vode RS” for the rehabilitation of landslides in Banja Luka, which also threatens residential buildings.

Višković said at a press conference that Doboj and Ljubin were approved for 300,000 KM each, for riverbed cleaning projects, that is, for the construction of a new pumping station for water supply.

400,000 KM was approved for Bileća for the end of water supply in the village of Baljci, 100,000 KM for ship repair for storm damage, 50,000 KM for the repair of earthquake damage, and for Kostajnica 50,000 KM for repairing flood damage that twice affected the local community during the last year.

Višković said that there is about two million KM in the Fund’s accounts and it will be distributed as before, in case of certain incidents, but that the Fund’s accounts are not replenished for now and will consider how the Fund will continue to function.

Doboj Mayor Boris Jerinić recalled that the fund provided resources after the 2014 floods, which caused major damage to the city, but also that preventive projects were carried out since the local community is located on three rivers.




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