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Višković: I Am Pleased With the Results of the Government’s Work in the First Year of Office


The increase in the number of employees, the higher average wage, the increase in the coverage of imports by exports, the increase in budget coffers, which enabled the growth of salaries, pensions and other benefits, are the results of the Government of Republic of Srpska in the first year of Radovan Višković’s term.

This means, says Višković, that the discipline, responsibility and work of the inspection bodies, the Tax Administration and the Indirect Taxation Authority were at a higher level. The focus of the Government’s work was on the economy, as evidenced by the growth in revenue. Priority is given to investing in higher education because students, the Prime Minister says, are the best promoters of the Republic.

“Particularly what I would put in the first place in the first 12 months in some way is the fact that at the beginning of this term we made it possible and it will be a practice in the future to give the best students from our two state Universities their employment. That does not mean that they have to work only in institutions, but that their work and their commitment is visible, monitored and evaluated, ” said Radovan Višković, Republic of  Srpska’s prime minister.

All students who regularly enroll in the year are offered free tuition, which costs around three million KM annually. Higher education reform will continue to be a priority of the line ministry, said Minister Srđan Rajčević, who is entering the second year of his term with the goals already set.

“As a result, we already have drafts of these two basic regulations that will create the conditions for further reform of higher education. As for other things, we have also worked on the digitalization process. We have several projects underway. We expect to promote the ICT infrastructure project every day, an electronic signature, which will finally put an end to this issue as well, ” said Srđan Rajčević, Minister of Science and Technology Development, Higher Education and the Information Society of the Republic of Srpska.

In the year behind us, the Government also raised the issue of the Incentive Regulation. It was adopted with the aim of having in one place information on all given incentives at the local and republic level. It happens that someone gets a two-level incentive without the government having that information.

“What is important to note is that the Ministry has done a full part regarding the incentive register and what is left is that the donor, in this case, provides the World Bank with funds to develop a software solution that will accompany this and the investment itself costs about 320,000 KM,” said Vjekoslav Petričević, Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of Republic of Srpska.

Many of the implemented activities are behind the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Minister of Economy Alen Šeranić is pleased that the rights of the most vulnerable population in the Republic of Srpska have been improved. First of all, there is the introduction of the right to personal disability benefits and to categories that they have expanded over the previous period. One of the more significant plans for this year is the launch of cardiac surgery in the Republic of Srpska.




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