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Višković-Iliopoulos: Continue successful cooperation seen so far


Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Radovan Višković and Greek Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Georgios Iliopoulos agree there is a mutual interest in continuing the successful cooperation and that the relations between Greece and Srpska are based on honesty and partnership and constantly improved through commonly useful and socially responsible projects.

At their Monday meeting in Banjaluka, Višković presented the Greek ambassador the measures and activities the Government carries out to improve the position and status of workers and the overall living standard in Srpska.

The two officials exchanged their views on the problems and challenges posed by the ongoing migrant crisis, and asserted that overcoming the situation requires an engagement of everyone in the region and that all countries need to cooperate to handle it, reports the Government’s press office.

They also shared their views on the current developments in Republika Srpska and BiH.


Source: vladars


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