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VIšković-MacDonald: Current Cooperation Good and Top Quality


The current cooperation of the Republic of Srpska institutions with the UN in BiH and the Resident Coordinator Office has been assessed as good, Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković with the UN Resident Coordinator in BiH Ingrid MacDonald said at yesterday’s meeting.

“By establishing a system of consultations and participation of Srpska-based institutions in the development of planning and program documents of the UN in BiH, as well as respecting the positions and constitutional competencies of the Republic, a precondition for quality cooperation has been met,” reads the statement of the Government’s Public Relations Bureau.

At the meeting in Banjaluka, Višković thanked MacDonald for the previous activities of all UN agencies operating in Srpska and BiH, which efficiently and timely provided support to the institutions and citizens of the Republic in order to prevent the spread and to curb coronavirus.

The continuation of cooperation was discussed at the meeting with an emphasis on support to projects overcoming socio-economic challenges and recovery from the crisis caused by Covid-19.




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