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Višković: The total Public Debt of Republika Srpska is at a Historic low


The Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska Radovan Višković said that the total public debt of the Republika Srpska is currently at a historical minimum, that is, it has never been lower since the existence of the Republika Srpska.

“I know that it does not suit many people and that it is a problem. But the prime minister of Republika Srpska has the right to state it because it is true,” Višković told reporters in the National Assembly.

He pointed out that this year Republika Srpska borrowed about 700 million BAM, and that it repaid more than 1.1 billion BAM.

“So, about 400 million BAM more has been repaid than we borrowed, and we are smoothly fulfilling our obligations to budget users,” Višković said.

He pointed out that he does not see any problem in servicing the debt and fulfilling its obligations.

Višković said that, fortunately, Republika Srpska has numerous friendly countries that want to help it if the need arises in the future.

He pointed out that what he is saying is confirmed by official statistics, which, among other things, show that the number of unemployed has drastically decreased.

Višković said that for Republika Srpska, the almost 80 percent coverage of imports and exports is worthy of praise.

“And that bothers many people, including those who want their dark forecasts to come true that we can’t do anything, that we are incapable, that we don’t know and the like. But, it is obvious that the economic and other results of Republika Srpska deny everything,” Višković said.

He stated that everything planned in the budget for the next year is realistically achievable.

“If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t even have planned it,” Višković said.

He added that some other authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not even close to adopting the budget and other important documents.

“There was a story that in another entity the minimum wage would be BAM 1,000. And then, according to my information, everything was extended until 2025. Why and for what? And they were supposed to harmonize with what has been working in the Republika Srpska for three years. year, because our tax burdens are significantly lower than in other entities,” Višković said.

He also said that the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina had the desire and order of the EU to harmonize it, and that the Republika Srpska completed its obligation three years ago.

“They are not in a position to do that even now, so they postponed those negotiations until 2025,” Višković said, Srna reports.


Source: sarajevotimes.com


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