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Višković: Up to 40 Million KM Is Planned for Pensions Increase


The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković, said in the National Assembly that pensions will be increased from the beginning of next year within the framework of regular legal harmonization and that up to 40 million KM are planned for those needs.

“At the moment, it is an increase of slightly more than three percent, which requires 39 or 40 million that is provided in the budget. There is no need to argue about that,” Višković said during the parliamentary debate on the 2021 budget proposal of the Republic of Srpska. year, which is considered under the urgent procedure and amounts to 3.795 billion KM.

He said that those who ended up at the employment office due to the consequences of the coronary virus pandemic receive from that institution from 400 to 900 KM per month and in the range of up to two years.

“In 2019, we spent 11 million KM for that, and until today 23 million. That is paid regularly and that is the contribution of Srpska towards those people,” said Višković.

The Prime Minister said that the income from the budget, when it comes to veteran categories, should be given to those who really deserve it because the Veterans’ Organization of Srpska also admitted that there are those who receive certain funds unfairly.

“Even today, with certain witnesses, some institutions produce fighters and give some solutions, and that must be stopped,” said Višković.

He said that in that sense, it was agreed to form a joint working group that will consider issues important for veterans and that a veterans’ register should be made.

Višković said that the representatives of the veterans asked for more than 30 million KM in the new budget, regarding the issue of disability benefits, resolving the status of the unemployed, participation in connection with the annual veteran’s allowance.

He said that the annual veteran’s allowance should not be received by people in positions and the like, while demobilized veterans have nothing, and they created Srpska.

“If this were solved, demobilized unemployed fighters would receive an annual veteran’s allowance significantly higher than the current 150 KM, and that would make sense. When we divide 12 million KM for that purpose, what do we get? Dissatisfied people who can’t solve anything with 150 KM, and the same supplement was given to people who have large pensions and the like, ” Višković said.

The Vice President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Stojičić, assessed that the proposal of the budget of Srpska for the next year was made with quality in difficult conditions brought by the coronary virus pandemic.

Stojičić, who is also a member of the SNSD, said that the budget of Srpska contains measures that will be applied in the health sector, which is of immeasurable importance.

“Measures will be targeted in order to preserve the economy, but also health care. An increase in pensions is also planned, which is important if the consequences of the pandemic are taken into account,” said Stojičić.

Uniforms and shoes for the Ministry of the Interior to be made by domestic companies
Višković said that he wanted uniforms and shoes for members of the MUP to be procured from companies in Srpska so that multimillion funds would remain in the republic’s economy.

He said that he and the line minister would gather domestic producers in the field of textiles, leather, and footwear in the coming period in order to agree on the conditions and procurement of clothes and footwear for members of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska believes that domestic producers, if necessary jointly, can meet these conditions in order for multimillion funds for those needs to remain in the economy of Srpska.

“Our police officers will not walk naked or barefoot as they have not done so far, and we are taking care of that. In its mandate, this Government has certainly set aside the most for members of the MUP from facilities, procurement of material and technical means, working conditions,” said Viškovič during the parliamentary debate in the National Assembly on the Draft Budget of the Republic of Srpska for 2021 in the amount of 3.795 billion KM.

When it comes to difficult business due to the coronavirus and support for the economy, Višković said that it was agreed with the representatives of hoteliers and travel agencies that all those who meet the conditions will receive paid taxes and contributions for July, August, and September.




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