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Vitinka – winner of good medal for it’s unique quality!


The city of Novi Sad was a host of the 84th biggest event in the region – International agriculture fair. One of the participants was also company Vitinka, from Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska. Vitinka was awarded for its brend Viviva – natural spring water which was pronunced for the best in its category. Also, Vitinka was awarded by big gold medal for its aereted fruti water Exotic Pear as one of the best producs on this year fair.


„The last year was our first one on this fair and we are glad that we are part of it this year also. We are happy to invite everybody here in Novi Sad to come to our booth and see what do we offer but also to try some of our products that we are very proud of to present. These awards are proof that we, as compay, are doing good job and that our consumers are happy and satisfied. Happy costumers are main goal of our company and biggest award that you can get“ said marketing director of the company, Mirko Savić.

source: Nezavisne novine


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