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Vucic after the visit to Kosovo: It wasn’t easy or pleasant, but I am happy with the stay on Kosovo and Metohija


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that “it wasn’t easy or pleasant” but he was happy with his stay on Kosovo and Metohija (KiM) 0because he did a “very important job” for unifying the Serbian people on KiM.

He mentions that he called all of his political rivals in Mitrovica and that he talked to them.

Summing up thirteen-hour conversations with the Serbs in Banjska, Kosovska Mitrovica, Gracanica, Laplje Selo, the president said that he wanted to tell people to remain on their own land.

– I had the obligation to tell them all what is the interest of Serbian people, and that is that they have to remain to live on their own land. The number of people greeting me in Laplje Selo was amazing. I understood well that people came here to fight for their own country and people, for their families, for survival – Vucic said.

Asked to comment on the criticism of political rivals, who labeled the gathering as “transparently directed”, Vucic said that the scariest thing is when someone says that it is a political reality show or “big brother”, and that it is “well known that those realities were patented in Serbia by thieves who attack me”.

– I introduced open and sincere talks with the people, I wanted to hear what are their everyday problems and we can solve them, not answering to anyone. Honestly, we couldn’t solve 90 percent of their problems, but we did manage to solve 10 percent – the president said.

Three things were pointed out to him while talking to the people of Kosovo.

– First that there are people who have a rich life, and they get high wages from the state of Serbia, while others have nothing. Secondly, those people clearly pointed me that we can help them and ease their life with more effort and engagement. Third, it seems to me that I am responded the situation on KiM in a rational way, even if a lot of people couldn’t see that – he added.

The Albanians didn’t like that, and as he said, some in Serbia would like “never to hear anything about Serbs on KiM”.

– I understand Albanians that they are bothered when it is heard that little Milan from Suvo Grlo lost his father and that his brother was shot, or that the mother of six lost her husband and her son was shot. Because there were stories that only Serbs were criminals until now – the president said.

He thinks that it is the most important that they saw the real faces of Serbs who lost their dearest and who just ask to survive.

– They don’t seek vengeance. They only want to be Serbs and to live on their own land. There were really a lot of wonderful people with bitter fates – Vucic said.

When asked how did he personally take that certain opposition individuals in Belgrade and on KiM practically charged him and the Serbian Progressive Party for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and, Vucic said that “when someone has the need to charge the head of the state for something like that, and they never went to Kosovo, nor they ever saw Ivanovic, it’s best to keep quiet, not to react to the attacks”.

– At the end, when your conscience is clear when you are working in the interests of your own people, you have to persevere all of that and to keep going forward – Vucic said.

He added that he watched “them getting mad because of my speech and our people on KiM, because of everything we didn’t do until now, nor wanted, nor were they ever interested”.

– Who is attacking me? Rada Trajkovic who represents 0.0001 percent of Serbs on KiM. Those like her like foreign offices much more, but it’s no use when the people don’t like them. Or Dragan Djilas – the man who organizes the “Teleton” shows in order to appear in every one of them and to play the greatest humanitarian, and to get richer, and the people keep getting poorer – Vucic said.

The president said that Milan from Suvo Grlo left the strongest impression on him.

– Thay boy with Sajkaca cap was impressive, a boyish smile with 25 years old, and the firmness of an old man who has been through everything in his life. He remembers the murder of his father. He is barely making ends meet, but he is not thinking about leaving his birthplace.

– Is it my fault that Serbia heard his truth for the first time? Should I be accused that Gracanica and Banjska are more beautiful than ever before? Or because we are no longer ashamed before Milutin? All of that could be done by some before me, but they didn’t… – Vucic said.


Source: telegraf


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