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Vučić on Petrovačka cesta: “They tore down our cross twice, we will build it again”


The central event commemorating the Serbs who died during the “Storm” is being held in Prijedor.

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, attends the commemoration of the Day of Remembrance of the martyred and exiled Serbs during the “Storm” operation.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić laid a wreath at the memorial on Petrovačka cesta.

A joint session of the governments of Republika Srpska and Serbia is underway in Banja Luka

A joint session of the Governments of the Republika Srpska and Serbia is underway in Banja Luka, and a session of the Council for Cooperation is also planned.

Previously, a meeting was held between the Prime Ministers of Srpska and Serbia, Radovan Višković and Ana Brnabić. The signing of the Memorandum on cooperation on the realization of the project of building two memorial centers dedicated to the Jasenovac victims in Gradina and Belgrade was announced.
President Vučić’s address

“For 28 years, I have thought about this place countless times, hearing how the column of refugees passed through this road, how our people suffered. 10 people were killed here, 4 children, just because they were Serbs. Children 6, 10, 11 and 13 years old… We erected this memorial cross twice, the first time it was a wooden cross, then they tore it down, then we erected a small aluminum cross, then they tore it down, then we erected this one three times bigger, and if they also tore it down, we will erect even bigger one to show that we do not accept the killing of children. We Serbs try to show respect for other people’s victims, but do not make us forget the Serbian children, to renounce our hearth, our name and surname. We do not ask others to remain silent, but we will no longer be silent about our victims. To make the hypocrisy worse, when you show them the facts, they tell you that you are a warmonger, that you are bringing unrest,” said Vučić and added:

“We Serbs respect other people’s victims, but don’t make us forget our victims, our murdered children.”

“We don’t ask others to keep quiet about crimes against their people, but we won’t keep quiet about crimes against our people either. Children were killed here. And I wondered where those planes came from. And to make the hypocrisy even greater, when you tell them that, they tell you that you are a warmonger. They don’t understand that we are building the future with this, if we don’t remember the children who were killed just because they were of Serbian origin,” said Vučić.

“What is important for us is to see how to help this region, to help Glamoč and Drvar as well, these are not easy times, RS is under pressure. And I was glad when I saw you joking with President Dodik, it’s good that you have such a spirit, but the situation is serious, and we will always be with our people. Belgrade used to turn its head away from the people across the Drina, but that will never happen again. We will never again allow anyone to persecute our people and let it go unpunished “, said Vučić and added:

“We must do everything possible to bring those who are guilty of killing children to justice.”


Source: tanjug


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