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Vucic “to invite everyone” to talks about joining government


Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday he will next week “invite everyone open to talking about the future of Serbia, and about participating in the new government.”

The head of Serbia’s caretaker government, who was on Monday given the mandate to put together a new one, said this did not mean that his SNS party would forge a coalition with everyone it talks with – “nor will everyone taking part in the talks be able to join the government.”

“We are ready for talks with everyone about the important problems in society, mutual tolerance. We have begun assembling a team that would put in a lot of energy, without calculating,” “said Vucic.

Although he recently said that only the names of two ministers in his new government were not yet known, Vucic today told reporters that he “does not know its composition – because it is still unknown whether he will be putting together a coalition government.”

Asked whether he was close to “an expert government,” Vucic replied he was “close to a fighting government.”

He did not wish to talk about any names, and specifically about a possible coalition with the Socialists (SPS) – but the presence of Nikola Selakovic and Zorana Mihajlovic at today’s press conference was a hint about who might keep their job in the cabinet.

“I will talk with everyone and I’m ready to do that, it’s not hard for me, but there are those who have been saying since the election that they would not. They don’t have to. Maybe we’ll hear new ideas,” said Vucic.

According to him, there will be “significant changes in the functioning of the government of Serbia” which “all citizens should feel as their own, regardless of political affiliation.”

“A team is needed that is dedicated to Serbia, to problem solving, not to partisan or individual interests. Our goal is to unite Serbia. We want to be closer to the people,” said Vucic.

He added that the future Serbian government will be “displaced” from Belgrade once every two months – for a start to Nis, in southern Serbia.

“I will be staying in the barracks with the key ministers, in order not to incur additional costs. We will receive citizens, and once a week I receive them personally from five o’clock in the morning until eight, so that I can then, from eight o’clock on, deal with their problems,” said Vucic.

Source: B92


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