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Vucic’s visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina is important for region


A visit from Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic exceeds the bounds of bilateral cooperation and good neighborly relations and it is of great regional importance, the Ambassador of Serbia to BiH, Stanimir Vukicevic, has told SRNA. 

“We are waiting for a visit from President Vucic to BiH with joy. This is the first visit of the Serbian President after six years. Previous attempts by /former/ Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic unfortunately failed,” Vukicevic has said.

He has stressed that Vucic is not a new figure for BiH since he visited BiH /in the capacity of Prime Minister/ for political rallies, business events, fairs. 

“This is a proof of how much attention is paid by Serbia, and Vucic himself, to good cooperation with BiH. This visit is certainly important, not only for relations with BiH, but it will be an important contribution to regional stability,” Vukicevic has said.

According to him, political relations, the strengthening of good neighborly relations, economic cooperation, the issues of mutual interest, European integration, joint infrastructure projects and many other issues important for citizens of BiH and Serbia, will be in the focus of Vucic’s visit to BiH.

“I believe that this cooperation will gain a new momentum,” said the Serbian Ambassador to BiH. 

Vukicevic has confirmed that during his visit on September 7-8, President Vucic will visit Istocno Sarajevo as well where he is expected to speak with city’s officials and heads of Istocno Sarajevo Municipalities.

“Preparations for this visit are already underway in Istocno Sarajevo. President Vucic has not visited this city yet and this will be a good opportunity for citizens of Istocno Sarajevo to welcome him,” Vukicevic has said.

source: Srna


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