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Warning to Android Users: Beware of “Medusa”


Users in the UK and the US have been warned about a dangerous banking attack targeting Android users.

The campaign, named “Medusa,” allows cyber thieves to infiltrate accounts using stealthy tactics, without the phone owner realizing it. Medusa has been around for a while, but experts have now discovered a new variant.

First detected in 2020, the malware – also known as TangleBot – can read sensitive text messages, track button presses, record screens, and phone calls to gain access to your banking information.

“This latest version goes a step further by capturing the entire screen,” reports The Sun.

According to reports, it shows a black screen to deceive victims into thinking their device is off, allowing hackers to carry out their attack unnoticed.

The attack is not limited to Android users in the UK and the US, but has also targeted users in Canada, France, Italy, Spain, and Turkey.

It is noted that the latest variant of Medusa shows a strategic shift towards easier access.


Photo: Foto: Luisella Planeta LOVE PEACE

Source: seesrpska.com


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