Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that the Serbian national issue should be internationalized and that we should tell the new American administration what the Serbs want.

Dodik has said that with the arrival of Donald Trump at the helm of the US, the American politics have already dramatically changed and that Serbs must take the initiative and tell what they want.

“No one in the US State Department will consider the American politics towards the Balkans for days. We must take the initiative and say what we want. We must put this issue on the agenda of the new US administration, talk with them and see what is realistic,” Dodik told Happy TV last night.

Commenting on the statement by Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, who told the Head of the Republika Srpska representative office in the US, Obrad Kesic, “We love Serbs,” Dodik has said that he knows more details than it was made public, but that he will speak about it later.

“There is no doubt that we have several important people in offices,” Dodik has said.

He says that he has recently learned that one of three candidates for the director of the USAID is the man whom he has known for many years and who said in Banjaluka, while he was a Congressman, “if Kossovo can be a state, Republika Srpska can also be a state.”

“His name is not important, but he is one of three candidates for the director of the USAID,” Dodik has said.

He has said that it is obvious that problems in the Balkans will not be resolved until the Serbian national issue is resolved, and added that it is Serbia who should internationalize the Serbian issue in the most part.

“The new times have come and that which is happening now in America and Europe requires that the Serbian national issue be internationalized. One who does not seek will not get. We must put an end to the politics in which we sit idle and foreigners are coming and demanding certain things,” Dodik has said.

Noting that the “Soros’ world” has started to challenge Trump even before he took over as the US President, Dodik has said that Trump announced in his inaugural speech the fight against Islamist radicalism.

“This is my objective also and I want to be a part of it, to fight against radical Islamism. I fought against radical Islamism even before Trump,” Dodik has said, noting that not only the Islamic State is radical Islamism, but also Wahhabis, Salafis, and many others that are present in BiH in great numbers.

He has said that it is known that there are 113 Wahhabi groups in Republika Srpska and that training centers are in the FBiH.

Commenting on sanctions the US introduced against him, Dodik has said that the work is being done for them to be lifted, but refused to present any details.

“I will work with the new US administration in a way and with contacts that are at my disposal. All this has its procedure. We will see. Work is being done on it,” Dodik has said.

As far as stories about creating a ‘Greater Serbia’ are concerned, Dodik has said that there are many initiatives, like the one of the former British Consul to BiH, Anthony Less, about the unification of Serbia, Republika Srpska and Kossovo, which statement is ascribed to him /Dodik/.

“’A Greater Serbia’ is not Republika Srpska and Serbia. A concept of a ‘Greater Serbia’ means a somewhat greater space. ‘A Greater Serbia’ is something completely bad not only in the political but in scientific circles as well in the West,” Dodik has said and stressed that the idea of a unity of Serbs should not be equalized with a ‘Greater Serbia’ concept.

Regarding a possible consensus between the SNSD and the opposition in Republika Srpska, Dodik has said that he regularly invites the opposition leaders in an attempt to achieve consensus, but that the problem is that the politics of the opposition are now personalized.

“You have persons there who are conducting their narrow politics in joint institutions and I believe that we cannot change anything regarding consensus. We managed to establish mechanisms to prevent easy destruction of Republika Srpska,” Dodik has said.

Dodik claims that only thanks to the Alliance for Change, SDA leader Bakir Izetbegovic is still in power. He lost the local elections, lost Srebrenica; He is not as good with Croats as he used to be, five MPs are about to leave his party, Hillary Clinton is not in power in the US and Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not so strong in Turkey.

“The Alliance for Change says they have to cooperate. This is why it is little hard /to reach consensus/,” Dodik has said.

He has said that opposition leaders, Mladen Ivanic, Dragan Cavic, Branislav Borenovic and Mladen Bosic were in the first ranks at a celebration of Republika Srpska Day in Banjaluka, but that it was Dodik who is called to account.

“We know that when they return to Sarajevo, they say they had to,” Dodik said.

As far as the presidential election in Serbia is concerned, Dodik has reiterated that it is the matter for Serbia and that he has very positive experiences with people who held this office.

“I have nothing against the will of the Serbian people. I believe that the candidate of the ruling party will win the election, which is confirmed by polls. I will work with everyone,” Dodik has said.

Regarding the attack on Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in Potocari, Dodik has said that unlike Vucic, he would not give up until the one who organized it is discovered, because this was an attack on Serbia as well.

Dodik has said that it is still not known who attacked Vucic because BiH is a state by accident, and added that Republika Srpska police have photographed them all, they know their names, what they talked, who are their leaders.

“The question is what would have happened if Vucic fell and the stampede ran over him. The attack was obvious. Their leader and everything else are known,” Dodik has said, and added that the Office of the BiH Prosecutor is putting this case aside because of a bad judicial system in BiH.

Source: Srna


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