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Website inspired by Tesla


We would like to recommend you a very interesting and creative website dedicated to famous Serbian and American researcher Nikola Tesla. Take a look at the Tesla’s inventions in a completely different way, with brilliant web design and environment, inspired by Tesla’s work on: www.tesla.aziznatour.com.

Creator of this website is Aziz Natour, young Arab -Israeli entrepreneur, self-employed graphic designer and web developer. We have asked him about his motivation and idea of creating this website, which he dedicated to the one of the greatest world scientists – Nikola Tesla.


„I have always been interested in the works of Tesla and his inventions which shaped our modern world. During my web design studies in Tiltan School of Design and Visual Communications, I had the opportunity to work on a web project with a theme of choice, so I chose to create an educational interactive experience as a tribute to the great inventor to express my admiration and appreciation for all he has done for humanity and to bring his ideas to a wider audience.”

More info about this young graphic designer, as well as the info about the other interesting projects he’s been working on – you can find on: www.aziznatour.com

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Photo: aziznatour.com



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