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Westerns were filmed in Semberija


“Harry the Avenger”, “Trail of Crime”, “Gold Executors” are films signed by Harry Jackson, the most popular Soviet cowboy, and some of these films, recorded on the plains between Ugljevik and Bijeljina, were also shown at the famous Festival of Pula.

Aljuš Musli, an immigrant from Tetovo in Bijeljina, changed his name to Harry Jackson.

He was the only one in the former Yugoslavia, and in the 1960s, seventies and eighties of the last century who started filming feature-length cowboy films.

“With several photographers and the help of locals in the sixties, we started filming. No one had any knowledge, but we worked professionally. Gypsies played the Indians, their hair was long and they painted their faces in red. Unlike the Italian films that had about a dozen Indians, we had up to 60 in one film “Juso Muratović an actor and a cameraman in the Semberija westerns tells for SeeSrpska.

To be a revolver, one had to be tall, skillful, and practice rolling for months.

“In agreement with the police commander, we recorded bank robberies. We honor the mechanic with beer or kebabs, and he stops the train, leaves the steam, locks the locomotive … We drive on the horses and strike a great movie scene, “Muratovic tells.

The end of this interesting film story happened with the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jackson’s family went to Germany and he was on the front. Part of the movie exhibitions ended up in the garbage, and Muratović believes that Jackson built the cassettes of the movies in the basement of his house.

In the mid-nineties, Harry rode into an eternal sunset. His work testifies several photographs and a film camera at a coffee shop in Bijeljina.


Source: seesrpska.com


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