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What do people enjoy in the west of Srpska?


If you wanted homemade bread, cicvara, popara, somun, cake, corn flour meal, homemade pie, cheese, cream, starch milk, you can find it all in the western part of Republic of Srpska.

In nine rural households, with 47 beds, in the municipality of Novi Grad, are hosts who preserve the tradition and customs of this region.

Rural tourism in the municipality of Novi Grad was initiated by the cooperative Agrojapra and individual households. They are trying to include this branch of tourism in the overall tourist offer of the area in the valley of the river Japra and the surroundings of the spa and recreation center Lješljani.

In addition to the preserved natural ambience and quality home-made cuisine, which includes old traditional specialties, there are also walks through the mountainous suburbs, reading medicinal herbs and mushrooms and riding.

Agricultural Cooperative Agrojapra introduces visitors to various processes of production of domestic and healthy products offered by this cooperative through the program of visits to its plants (oilseeds, driers and similar) or waterfall on Japra river.

There are also tastings of cold-cured sunflower oil and salad oil, virgin oil from pumpkin seed, pumpkin seed, various types of dried fruit, fishing on Japra river, visits to Branko Ćopić’s house in Hašani, etc.


Source: seesrpska.com


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