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“What kind of anguish and trouble we’ll face with at Kosovo-Metohija in eight months”


“What kind of anguish and trouble we’ll face with at Kosovo-Metohija in eight months”
Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic stated that, despite no negotiations with Pristina, we are still exposed to pressures when it comes to Kosovo and Metohija

“You say ‘there are no negotiations’, but people don’t ask themselves how we managed to provide food in the groceries on the north of Kosovo and Metohija. You don’t ask yourself who worked on this issue day and night, you don’t ask how much energy and efforts we had put on a daily level in resolving all those issues of vital importance for Serbian community”, Vucic stated for Serbian Public Broadcaster RTS.

Vucic said that Kosovo will face with the elections under conditions that seem “totally fine to the Alliance for Serbia and for the ‘1 of 5 million’ movement”.

President underlined that an exceptional work and enormous efforts are necessary in order to resolve the Kosovo issue, while part of the public in Serbia imposes as the only important issue election conditions in Serbia, although the elections will take place in eight months.

“What kind of anguish and trouble are we going to face with at Kosovo and Metohija in eight months! We need to discuss those things, while some people in pursuit of the meaning of their own life, continuously repeat the same thing for two, three years. We will have elections on Kosovo and Metohija, and that is obviously fine with the Alliance for Serbia, or how they are called, millions something, there are only millions in their heads, no matter whether while stealing money, or giving names to the campaigns”, Vucic concluded.

“It is important to me that opposition participate on the elections”

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said that it is really important to him that the opposition takes part in the forthcoming elections, so that the citizens can realize how much support all parties have.

“It is very important to me (that opposition takes part in the elections). This would be the best for Serbia as the citizens will see how much support they have”, Vucic told RTS.

Commenting on the talks between authorities and opposition, he said that he hopes that those meetings will continue, adding that the opposition refused to negotiate with him.

“They said that they do not want to discuss things with me. You have statements given by Dragan Djilas and Bosko Obradovic, saying that they will not talk to me, that they never asked for it. I am satisfied that they have successful talks with Vladanka Malovic, Orlic, Djukanovic. I hope that the talks will continue in good spirits”, Vucic stated for RTS.

Vucic said that he would talk to them in line with his constitutional powers, i.e. when they reach census and enter the Parliament. He added that he will probably talk to Sergej Trifunovic, Vojislav Seselj and Ivica Dacic, as they will pass the census.

When it comes to the election conditions, Vucic said that they will agree to every demand on the part of the opposition.

“As for election conditions, they first raised the issue of election rolls, I told them to make them right. Make all the regulations in line with the law that you adopted, or you want to go against your own laws”, President concluded.

He added that he will accept anything they suggest regarding the financing of political parties.

Discussing the removal of the protection fence outside his seat, Vucic said that “it is prettier without the fences” and that the participants of the protest can no longer jump over the fence, having to enter the building if they want to cause violence or coup d’état.

Vucic reminded the public that back in 2011 and 2012, the protests were 50 times bigger around the Presidency, but that nobody tried to jump over the fence.

“This fence was placed there by Boris Tadic. Nobody thought of jumping over it. I had climbed the fence asking the people not to try to pass it over, that is how responsible people behave”, he said.

He added that next Saturday, the Presidency will be guarded by five or six female soldiers warning the protesters that breaking into the Presidency violates law.

“All of this shows their powerlessness. They cannot boast of any factory that they managed to bring to Belgrade, Nis, Kraljevo, Krusevac”, Vucic concluded, adding that the most important thing is Serbia’s moving forward, becoming wealthier every day.


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