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What was concluded at the Meeting with the State Department Representative?


Director of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) Gordan Milinic met with the representative of the State Department in Washington and economic adviser for the Balkans, Justin Heung, who wanted to get some more information about the state of direct foreign investments in BiH and the activities of FIPA.

Milinic informed Heung about the competences of the Agency, including its activities in the field of attracting foreign investments, the state of foreign investments, US investments and trade exchange between the two countries, the advantages that BiH has in comparison to neighboring countries, as well as other fields that are interesting to foreign investors.

It was also noted that BiH recorded an increase of foreign investments in the amount of 66.8 % in the year of 2017.

Heung was also introduced to the base of investment projects from different economic field that FIPA implements, the support that it offers to foreign investors when it comes to removing obstacles and implementation of numerous projects, as well as the efforts of FIPA to implement the media campaign “Invest in BiH”, which is aimed at eliminating prejudices about BiH and informing the wider business community on all of its potentials.

They established that the level of US investments is at a low level, that the United States occupy the 17th place when it comes to the amount of foreign investments and that it is needed to invest some additional efforts, including the Embassy of BiH in the United States, in order to increase those investments.


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