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What’s Next for Trump’s Recall Trial?


The President’s defense team is making its main arguments today. Ken Starr, who led the Bill Clinton recall process, is now defending Trump.

As the British Guardian writes, the trial of Donald Trump’s impeachment continues today, with the presentation of defense arguments in the Senate. Here’s what to expect:

– Donald Trump will not appear in the recall trial. His defense team will start by presenting major arguments. Ken Starr, who led the trial against Bill Clinton in the trial of his recall (in which Clinton was acquitted), is now a defense lawyer for President Trump and could begin his remarks today.

– On Tuesday, Trump’s defense team will have more time to complete his presentation if he chooses to use all the time set aside to make his case.

– On Wednesday, the defense team will have the right to object to certain elements of the case, which it could use, followed by the start of the senator’s question.

– On Thursday, senators will be able to ask questions for a total of 16 hours over two days, submitted in writing only, to the presiding judge, U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. This will be followed by a debate on whether new witnesses and documents should be brought to trial, which could start that day or more likely the next day.

– The witness hearing could begin or continue on Friday, followed by a crucial vote on the subject.

On Saturday, if the Senate votes to hear new witnesses and evidence, the trial will last much longer. If the Democrats lose that vote, the debate is expected to be closed and a final vote on whether to remove Donald Trump from office or release him on Monday or Tuesday.




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