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Where and How can Holders of BH Passport travel currently?


The summer and the holiday season are on the doorstep. For the second year in a row, citizens cannot travel exactly where they want. In addition to the tourist arrangement, we now have to meet a number of additional conditions.

Neighboring Croatia is one of the most common destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when it comes to summer vacations. You can enter this country if you have a negative PCR test, confirmation that you received a second dose of the vaccine at least 14 days ago, or confirmation that you have had coronavirus in the last six months.

Another country in the region that our citizens often visit is Montenegro. Unlike Croatia, you can enter this country without any restrictions, and all border crossings between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina are open.

A destination that is often offered by tourist agencies of our country is Albania. In this country, too, you can without restrictions. What you need is proof of accommodation reservation, and health check-ups at airports have been stepped up.

To travel to Turkey, you need to have a negative PCR test, and a travel form that needs to be filled out 72 hours before entering the country in order to be able to enter restaurants and shopping malls.

Passenger health control measures are implemented at all entrances to the country.

Travel to Italy for tourist reasons is prohibited. Some of the exceptions are students, business people, EU residents, or health or travel reasons. A negative PCR test is also required at the border, followed by a ten-day self-isolation.

It seems that you will not be able to go on holiday to Greece this year because Greece does not allow BiH citizens to enter for now, unless they have a visa from one of the EU countries. You can travel to this country only in exceptional situations, in case of medical treatment or business commitments.

If the epidemiological situation improves, the conditions for entering these countries will be eased. However, our country is also full of tourist destinations. If you decide to vacation in BiH, you will enjoy the natural beauty at low prices, Federalna writes.


Source: sarajevotimes.com


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