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Most tourist in the RS are from…?


A total of 34,633 tourists visited Republika Srpska  in June this year, which represented an increase of 4.1 % in comparison to May 2017.

Data from the Bureau of Statistics of the RS showed that 74,220 overnight stays were realized in the month of June, which is by 2 % higher compared to May.

The number of tourist in June 2017 is by 7.1 % higher in comparison to the same month of the previous year, and the number of overnight stays was increased by 9.5 %.

Out of the total number of tourists, there were 18,340 foreign citizens, and 16,293 were domestic tourists.

When it comes to foreign tourists, most of them were from Serbia (6.110), Croatia (2.283), Slovenia (1.746), Turkey (1.216), South Korea (848) etc.

During the month of June, the RS had 10,181 permanent beds at its disposal.

During the first six months of this year, a total of 158,895 tourists visited the RS, and they achieved a total of 374,060 overnight stays.



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