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Where to spend your vacation in BiH?


Kravica waterfall every year attracts thousands of tourists. It is 40 kilometers away from Mostar, and it resembles on Niagara Falls. You can swim, drive a canoe, enjoy the rafting as well as sounds of waterfalls and nature. There is also a small cave where you can see stalactites.

The lovers of wild and untouched nature will be thrilled with Rakitnica River, one of the biggest tributaries of Neretva River. Canyon of this river is 26 kilometers long and it is a habitat of endemic species of animals and some plants. Considering that it’s spring is located at 1,120 meters above the sea level, it is ideal for hikers, fishermen and brave ones who want to have fun and experience something new.

The Park of Nature Tajan is a protected area due to a large number of endemic plants, as well as animals that live there. It is located between municipalities Zavidovici, Kakanj and Zenica. It has a large number of canyons and it is an ideal place for cyclists and hikers.

If you are a fan of salt and sea water, you can always visit Neum and enjoy the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean climate. Year after year, this city offers an increasing number of activities for fun on the water.

For those who like nature, to see something new and hike surrounded by untouched nature and greenery, there are ideal natural parks of Tajan, Blidinje and Hutovo blato, BH rain forest Perucica and Janjski islands.

It is important to mention that BiH offers numerous other contents, and all of these destinations are located near big cities where visitors are able to find other types of entertainment. According to foreign tourists and tourist portals, besides the mentioned locations, they are advising to visit Sarajevo, Travnik, Jahorina, Trebinje, Stolac, Mostar, Medjugorje, Blagaj, Banja Luka, Bihac, and Tuzla.


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