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Where was the flag of “Majevica”?


Mountaineers from Bijeljina, Ugljevik and Lopare set up the flag of the Mountain Ecological Society “Majevica” on numerous mountain peaks around the world. It was set up on Damavand in Iran, Elbrus in Russia, Mont Blanc, Olimp, Triglav, Musala and others.

In addition to the above mentioned peaks, the mountaineers of Bijeljina participate in mountaineering activities of other mountaineering societies from Republic of Srpska and Serbia and the surrounding areas, and conquer the highest peak of Republika Srpska Maglić – 2,386 m, then Volujak, Zelengora, Majevica, Romanija, Treskavica, Osječenica, Kozara, Vučjak , Klekovac, Vitorog, Dimitor and many others, as well as the mountains in Serbia: Rtanj, Trem, Povlen, Bobija, Medvednik, Magleš, Cer, Boranje, Bukulja, Tara and others. “Says Nenad Milešić, member of the society Majevica.

Bijeljina hikers on the slopes of Majevica, in the immediate vicinity of the Tavna monastery, arranged and marked several trails, which, besides mountaineers, are used by all nature lovers.

“Every year in Majevica we organize mountaineering meetings called” Tavna “and two memorial hikes “Boro Bijelić” in honor of the deceased President of the Association and “Snežana Krajišnik” in memory of the tragic victims of the mountain hive of our Society,” Milešić tells us.

From a devastated building on Red Hill, near Nonak cave and overlooking Semberija, they make a mountain home with thirty beds.

Mountaineering ecological association “Majevica” Bijeljina gathers nature lovers regardless of age, gender and is part of the Mountaineering Association of Republika Srpska in the area of Ugljevik and Bijeljina, as well as within the Mountaineering Association of Serbia. It was founded in 1988 and currently has more than 70 members.


Source: seesrpska


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