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White Roses In Dobrovoljacka Thrown In Garabegs


 White roses that members of the fallen JNA soldiers’ families and delegations from Republika Srpska laid next to the burning candles at the site of the killing in the former Dobrovoljacka Street in Sarajevo were thrown into a garbage container not long after the delegations that marked the 24th anniversary of the crime in Sarajevo left the scene.
The flowers and candles were thrown away by members of the utility service, reports the web portal Klix.

This is the first time that the flowers and whatever is left at the place of killing is removed and thrown away the same day.

In the previous years, utility workers would clean the area several days after the candles had burnt and flowers withered.

The 24th anniversary of the killing of JNA soldiers in Sarajevo was marked on Tuesday with a memorial service, lighting of candles, laying of flowers and peaceful march in the city’s former Dobrovoljacka Street.

On May 2, members of the Green Berets, Patriotic League, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Territorial Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina carried out an attack on a JNA convoy in the Dobrovoljacka Street, which was quietly withdrawing from Sarajevo according to an agreement and with guarantees of the UN peace forces.

On May 2 and 3, 1992 in Sarajevo, 42 JNA soldiers were killed, 71 were wounded and 207 were taken prisoner.

Source: SRNA


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