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WHO donated 23 tons of protective equipment to BiH


Today, the World Health Organization delivered more than 23 tons of protective equipment in BiH, of which 12.6 tons will be distributed to the Federation of BiH, and the rest to the Republic of Srpska and Brčko District. Among the 23 tons of this equipment are protective masks, goggles, suits, gloves, visors, and everything that the medical staff needed in the past months.

During the handover of the donation, the head of the Office of the World Health Organization in BiH, Viktor Olsavsky, said that this equipment would be useful to health workers in BiH for the next two and a half to three months, with the addition of what local authorities managed to procure.

– Globally, there are more than 14.5 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus and more than 600,000 deaths. The most affected are America and Europe, where we have a large number of infections – he pointed out.

According to him, in Europe, the matter is extremely fragile and many countries are struggling to control the virus, and in the past seven days, the number of cases has increased by 5.4 percent.

– Last week we had 2.9 million cases, and now we have 3.1 million patients. However, in the Balkans and in Central Asia, the number of cases has increased so much that we are worried about that – stated Olsavsky.

He called on the population to take the situation seriously and adhere to all measures to combat the spread of the virus.




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