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Why is the Svilaj bridge not under construction?


The authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia have not started the construction of the Svilaj bridge over the Sava River even though a contractor was selected exactly one year ago.

According to local media, the real reason why construction has not begun is because European investment banks haven’t consented the selection of the bidder. Namely, the intergovernmental committee for selection of contractors did not choose the most cost-favorable bidder but a company that ranked third.

More than three years have passed since the procedure for the Svilaj bridge was launched. So far there have been numerous problems with the administration. The B&H authorities were blamed for delays with the building permit, while the Croatians took their share of the blame. The ball is now in the court of European international institutions.

According to local media the international commission has completed its job, namely it sent a proposal for consent to the EIB and ERBD a year ago, but hasn’t yet received a reply.

Without the consent of the European banks, construction can not begin.


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