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Winter Crops in Good Condition


The winter crop situation in most production areas in Republika Srpska is good for now, according to the weekly Agrometeorological Bulletin of the Hydrometeorological Institute of Srpska.

Agrometeorologists state that the temperature of the soil is high and favorable for the development of winter crops, and that in the future the average daily temperature should be slightly lower than five degrees Celsius, in order to better pass the first stage of tempering.

The rains and snow of the past few days have wetted the surface of the soil and favorably influenced the development of winter cereals.

Agrometeorologists also point out that high air temperature has caused the occurrence of plant diseases and pests on wheat and barley crops and the symptoms of the causative agent of barley, rust and ash grains have been reported.

The presence of active rodent holes, which are also carriers of numerous diseases, has been identified.




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