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With Remuneration and 13th Pay, Employers in RS Are Trying to Retain Workers


Remuneration, 13th pay, Christmas, travel, group gatherings, but also helping to buy a roof over your head are just some of the ways employers in the Republic of Srpska, while increasing pay, try to keep workers who go abroad for bread.

These benefits, which were unthinkable in Srpska until a few years ago, have recently come under increasing pressure from employers, who, according to trade unions, have previously contributed to the outflow of workers through their actions.

To preserve the remaining staff, employers are not hiding that everything is changing fast, from work hours to days off and pay.

Secretary-General of the Union of RS Trade Unions Goran Stanković says there are times when a worker could be found at every corner.

– Many employers have recently decided to pay a lot of bonuses, Christmas bonuses, 13th pay, give extra days off and incentives for special insurance, as well as many other benefits – said Stanković, adding that those who want to retain a quality worker must first to start from pay.

The problem with domestic employers, Stanković points out, is that they wake up only after the worker decides to leave the company and then offer higher wages, better conditions, and other benefits.

The president of the Union of RS Employers’ Associations, Saša Trivić, says that businessmen have been designing anything and everything lately to retain workers.

– They assist workers in buying an apartment, allocate money for additional pension insurance, give bonuses on the achieved results and other benefits, and it all depends on the employer to the employer – said Trivić, adding that there is no company in Srpska that does not try to retain employees in some way.

Special care for the workers is taken care of by the health-tourist center “Banja Vrućica”, which, in addition to numerous benefits, this year also treated the employees with a Christmas bonus of 300 KM. The director of the center, Dragan Bogdanić, says that taking care of workers comes first.

– More than 100 workers should go on an educational excursion to Slovenia at the expense of the company. Also, we are planning another pay increase this year – said Bogdanić, adding that the last increase in workers’ wages was last year.

Among the many companies that care to preserve workers is “Drvoprodeks” from Banja Luka, whose owner Darko Partalo regularly gathers workers for lunch,those workers who do well are hired for better jobs and further education is provided.

– These benefits produce results. I am sure that thanks to this, far fewer workers have left us than in the past, compared to some other employers – said Partalo.

Employees of the company “TeleGroup” in Banja Luka also have reason to be pleased, because according to the director of that company Dragan Zlokape, they receive pay, Christmas bonus and 13th salary, while the lowest salary goes below 1,000 KM.

– The company employs different employee profiles. We try to ensure that those who receive the minimum wage can make a living from it – said Zlokapa, adding that good interpersonal relationships also play a big role in retaining workers.


Source: Glas Srpske


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