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Women Of Europe: Connect And Learn From 100 Successful Female Founders


Women as founders and leaders are still grossly underrepresented in the world of business. For example, the European Startup Monitor reports that only 15% of startups in Europe are founded by women. The world can always do more to celebrate the emergence and success of female business leaders.

Why? Because diversity leads to prosperity. And it gives women a chance to connect with smart and talented women for potential job opportunities and partnerships. The information is valuable if we want to encourage women to confidently start their own businesses, and to join industries that sorely lack a workforce with diverse gender makeups.

The Hundert, a Berlin based startup project, is trying to shine a light on great women in business across Europe. The digital-centric publication’s eight volume contains a list of 100 successful European female founders.

 The expansive collection features women of varying ages and lifestyles who helm some of Europe’s hottest companies. These are women who are single, new mothers, established family leaders, failed business owners trying again, and more. The diversity is meant to inspire and inform readers that female business leaders don’t come in a one-size fits all offering.

CEO Bee Premium Group and co-founder of the startup BeeShaper Dragana Djermanovic is the only Serbian female entrepreneur who was included in top 100 startups by the famous German magazine The Hundert.
GagaBeeShaper is an startup coming from Bee Premium Group (BPG) which includes social media agency PRpepper, PROmetric analysis sector, BTC – Tech&Creative agency and BeeBlog – network which gathers almost 400.000 blogs. BeeBlog Network, the largest blog community in South-East Europe, conducted the first regional research of blog community ”Blogometar” which was represented by Dragana Djermanovic on the greatest conference of bloggers in Europe, ”Rock The Blog” in Hanover.

These 100 contacts can be valuable to women hoping to gain startup experience; to start a new enterprise; or simply be inspired by great women in business. Pass it on and spread the word. The way the world builds companies will only get better if we constantly share examples of diversity in business working well.

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