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Workshop „Quality blog content and use of social networks“ held in the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska


As part of the project named “Frontal Blog Challenge”, training for members of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska and young members of parliamentary parties was held last week.

Members of the Assembly, as well as young members of parliamentary parties, had the opportunity to learn how much the Internet has changed the world and how the politics must adapt to these changes. They had the opportunity to learn, through good and bad examples, how they should create advertisement campaing on social networks, to make them more visible and accessible to citizens.

“I think that this education is very useful for us as members of the National Assembly, who are trying to promote themselves and that our work is seen by the people who chose us. I would recommend to everyone to apply for similar education”, said member of the National Assembly Andrea Dorić.

“This education for members of the National Assembly and all young people involved in politics is more than helpful. We can learn how to get profiled through social networks and the Internet more easily. The acquired new knowledge and skills I have adopted here will be used in all work as a member of the National Assembly and as someone who comes from politics and the younger generation. In that way I expect better communication with young people, to listen to their problems, to create future policies based on these problems” said Denis Šulić, also member of the National Assembly.

The participants had the opportunity to get advices and answers to the concerns they had about social networks, and the young people from the political parties, who still need to establish their careers in politics, this education was evaluated as very useful.

“The presentation is phenomenal, it have kept my attention completely, I did not blink during the presentation. I had gained a lot of new knowledge and I improved the things I already knew. One good experience and I would recommend this education to all young politicians,” said Nikola Ćopić, a young activist of DEMOS party.

More information about Frontal Blog Challenge can be found on social networks following the official hashtag project #FrontalBlogChallenge.

The project is being implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina




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