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World Bank helping Employment in RS with 21 million Euros


The government of Republika Srpska (RS) signed an agreement with the World Bank regarding an agreement about a support project for employment, worth 21 million Euros. The project, which will last four years, will help with the employment of at least 4,000 per year.

“As far as the Government is concerned, we’re ready to implement the project. There’s only a formal part, namely its approval in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH. I don’t believe there’ll be a blockade there,” Zoran Tegeltija, the minister of finances of RS, said.

He confirmed that the Government expects 4,000 jobs per year.

“Our expectations, that is our minimal standard that we’ve set together with the World Bank, is to create 4,000 new jobs in the next year. If interest were to be higher, then we’ll be able to fulfill that,” Tegetlija said.

He added that the Government intends to allow the real sector to use as much of the funds as possible.

“No one will administer the money, it will be planned in the spending part of the budget of RS. There will of course be a unit to implement the project, but direct payments will be made to the Institute for Employment of RS, while the funds will be made available by us,” Tegetlija said.

Tegetlija said that the IMF had no reason to worry regarding the report of the auditor and the budget deficit. “They know very well what the situation is and how large the deficit is, since we prepare and send them a report each month, in accordance with the agreement. There is a huge deviation in the audit report from what the IMF has,” Tegetlija said.


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