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World Economic Forum in Dalian – what can we expect


We will look for solutions that will ensure that our future is directed at people – said the founder of the World Economic Forum.

Tectonic technological changes, global warming, geopolitical uncertainties and tensions, rising inequality: these are the main challenges facing the world, and some of the most important topics to be considered at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions at World Economic Forum in China (AMNC)

The Australian “neighbor” businessman reveals to us where to invest money and how to get rich.

More than 1,800 leaders of countries, businesses, the civil sector, the academic community, and the arts will participate in the Chinese coastal city of Dalian from 1 to 3 July to open the discussion on “Leadership 4.0: Succession in a New Era of Globalization”

– We are entering a new phase of globalization that we can call globalization 4.0 – said Klaus Schwab, founder and executive president of the World Economic Forum.

– The fourth industrial revolution will shape the next years of global cooperation. In Dalian, at our Annual Meeting, we will seek solutions that will ensure that our future is directed at people, inclusive and sustainable –

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang will also attend the summit, along with several senior ministers and diplomats.

Economic and business elites from more than 120 countries of the world are coming to discuss the four main topics of the conference: Technology, sustainability, responsibility and agility in business. Some of the panel titles include “Using the 5G Network”, “Climate Change – The Next Financial Crisis”, “Reconsidering Capitalism and Taxing Global Business”, “Where is the Trade War Going…”

Over 200 sessions and workshops will be attended by more than 1,000 business leaders, including 100 founders and executive directors, representatives of art and culture, the academic community and the media.

Dalian will also host members of the World Economic Forum entrepreneurs, global leaders, and communities of young global leaders, as well as some of the famous names in culture …

The meeting will be attended by the 150 most promising startup companies in the world, as well as members of the pioneer community of technology and young scientists.

In the coming days, Telegraf will give you the most important messages from Summer Davos.



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