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World Energy Efficiency Day


World Energy Efficiency Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of March in honor of the first international meeting of experts which took place on this day in 1998 in Austria, to discuss the energy crisis and its possible solutions.

Energy efficiency means using less energy to perform the same job, or function (heating or cooling, lighting, the production of various products, operating the car, etc. ) . It does not mean a compromise that reflects on the quality of life, but the efficient use of energy, which should provide the same goods and services using less energy resources.

The most common measures taken to reduce energy loss and increase energy efficiency are:

– Substitution of non- renewable energy with renewable sources

– Replacement of inefficient energy consumers with efficient ones

– Isolation of heated space

– Replacement of worn-out windows in heated spaces

– Installation of metering and control devices for energy consumers

– The introduction of the tariff system by distributors to promote energy conservation and so on.


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