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Wreaths for Serbs Killed in the First European Contrencation Camp


Wreaths were laid at the Doboj Memorial Ossuary, marking  104 years since the imprisionment of Serbs into the first organised contrecantion camp in civilised Europe, in which 12 000 people lost their lives.

The wreaths were laid by the delegation of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, Assistant Minister of Labor, War Veterans and Disability People’s Protection, Zoran Janjić, representatives of the Consulate of Serbia in Banja Luka, the delegation of the City of Doboj and members of the Third Infantry Republic of Srpska Regiment of the Armed Forces of B&H.

Previously, a memorial service was held at the Memorial Ossuary, and at the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Doboj, commemorating the 104th anniversary of the internment of Serbs in the Austro-Hungarian contrencation camp in Doboj.

More than 45 000 Serbs passed through the camp from 1915 to 1917, which was being silenced for almost 100 years.

The estimated number of Serbs interned in that camp is 45 791, including 16 673 men and 16 996 women and children from BiH, and 12 122 Serb soldiers and a number of elderly people, women and children from Serbia and Montenegro, from which 12 000 were killed.

The camp in Doboj, formed in the First World War by Austro-Hungary, was the first organised massacre in the history of civilised Europe.




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