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Yachts and boats from Smiljevac conquering European waters


The village Smiljevac near Koraj, located under the mountain Majevica in the municipality Lopare, has had a firm connection to the EU for the past 10 years. Namely, European clients buy boats and yachts from the family company “Smiljevac prom” located in this small town.

Goran Gajic, the director of “Smiljevac prom” explained that exports to Croatia are currently dominating, adding that significant businesses is expected this year.

In 1989 Gajic first began constructing boats in the Austrian firm “Sunbeam Yachts”, ten years later he opened his own business in Smiljevac with the Austrian’s as a business partner. Already in the second year of production Gajic’s family firm was producing and exporting more ships than its European partner.

After a rocky period caused by the financial crisis, last year “Smiljevac prom” regained its old momentum of production.

“Smiljevic prom” functions as a family company, Gajic’s wife, son, mother in law and her husband all work in the production of yachts and boats.

Gajic explained that they once had nine employees, however due to the economic crisis this number was cut to five.

“Smiljevic prom” produces boats which are 4 meters long, yachts 7,8 and 9 meters of length and not long ago they began producing cisterns for sprayers.

Twenty years experience in the production of yachts and polyester boats helped “Smiljevac prom” earn the title of a respectable small company familiar to numerous influential Europeans.


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