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Yachts worth 70,000 EUR produced in the Republic of Srpska


In the little village of Smiljevac near Lopare, on the estate of Goran Gajic, a family company is producing yachts and boats made of polyester for the famous Austrian company “Sunbeam Yachts”.

The company “Smiljevac prom” has been cooperating with this well-known company from Salzburg since the year of 2004. This company is specialized in the production of luxury yachts and sailing boats for a very demanding foreign market.

Unique boats that meet the highest European standards are produced in the production facilities of Smiljevac, according to Goran Gajic, one of the co-owners of this company.

The prices of these yachts, whose production starts in this little village and it is completed in Austria, is around 70,000 EUR, although there are some boats that can be purchased by people with less money.

“Our yachts are among the most popular ones in the world, because the main company in Austria has more than 140 years long tradition,” said Gajic, who also added that his whole family is involved in this business.

Besides him, there are also his wife Vajka, son Milan, sister-in-law Ljubica and her husband Milenko Babic, with whom Goran learned this craft in Austria.

“Milenko and I went to Austria and started working there back in 1989. Back then, there were already some people from this area working there. When we decided to return to our homeland, we came up with the idea of opening one facility in BiH, which would work for the needs of this company. We managed to reach an agreement with the owners of the company, and successful cooperation is taking place ever since 2004,” stated Gajic.

“People used to tell me that I will never succeed, that I am crazy… However, I worked and succeeded. Our partners are more than satisfied with our products,” said this successful businessman from Smiljevac.




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