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Young artist revives old buildings


Stefan Mihajlovic, a student at Banjaluka’s Arts Academy, regularly decorates a wall in close proximity to the city center. At first he was met by hostility from the local citizens, now his artworks are starting to impress.

The first thing he drew was Snoop Dogg to which the neighborhood kids reacted with enthusiasm, adding their own touches with spray paint.

The wall is currently adorned with Bob Marley, Bruce Lee and cartoon characters. Mihajlovic admits that he works under the cover of night because during the day there are too many distractions. So far he has received a few fines but says that they won’t deter him from his plan.

He admits that people started to approve of his work after his artwork depicting Bata Stojkovic, a famous Serbian actor, especially the more mature part of the population that isn’t acquainted with American rap musicians.

Mihajlovic’s aim is to cover the entire wall with different characters. At first he funded the necessary equipment, but after running out of money he decided to knock on doors and ask for contributions and was surprised by the outcome. Namely, he received support from a considerable number of people.

Stefan has done street art for several years, his artworks adorn the walls of numerous cafes and shops in Banjaluka.



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