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Young Croat once again “fixes” anti-Serb hate graffiti: This time he added 3 letters


Young Croat Jure Zubcic came to the attention of the public a year ago after he altered an anti-Serb hate graffiti that read, “Ubi Srbina” (“Kill the Serb”), to make it read, “Ljubi Srbina” (“Love the Serb”). For this, a criminal complaint was filed against him and he was interviewed by the police – but this young man is now once again sending a message to everyone calling for killings and hatred – by altering yet another hate graffiti.

In Zadar, where such graffiti are not uncommon, Zubcic again worked on an “Ubi Srbina” (“Kill the Serb”) message this time by adding three letters to the first word. Now the graffiti reads, “Poljubi Srbina” (“Kiss the Serb”).

He shared photos on his Twitter account, and commented: “Yes, I altered a graffiti once again.”

“Does that get on your nerves? Well, I’m really glad. You think I’m good for nothing else? Well, I’m really glad. You think I’m a fool for putting myself in real danger? Well, I’m glad you think so. Because, so long as I’m your problem…,” the Croat wrote on Twitter.

Zubcic sent a message to anyone calling for killings and hatred.

“As long as I get on your nerves. As long as you consider me crazy for altering graffiti. For that long, our society has a problem. Because our fellow citizens who write these graffiti anonymously don’t get on your nerves!? Nothing to say about them? They didn’t cause your reaction? They don’t upset you?,” he wrote a series of tweets that attracted a lot of attention.

Zubcic also told the social network’s users that they should ask themselves who and why is upsetting them.

“And yes, feel free to reduce the story to the war, to the Ustashas, ​​to the Partisans. The problem of the authors (of the graffiti) aren’t the Serbs, the Ustashas, ​​or the Partisans. They are their own problem. What kind of sick pleasure is it to write graffiti that calls for killing someone? You can do all sorts of useful things in your life for yourself and for your surroundings, but you decide to urge killings? Author, do you realize that you are being filled with hatred to distract you from dealing with your life? What will hatred toward any nationality bring you? A better job? Better education? Better healthcare? Now let’s make a deal, everyone, in your own surroundings, kiss a Serb woman or a Serb man. And don’t start with Serbs are like this, Croats are like that. There are people and those who are not everywhere,” wrote this young man.


Source: telegraf.rs


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