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Young IT expert from Bijeljina developed application for aid to helpless people


Young IT expert from Bijeljina Uroš Simić, who work and live in Belgrade, has developed IsolationApp for aid to helpless people, the aim of which is to connect people who need help, particularly during the isolation period, with people who are ready to help them.

“I came across the idea for such an application because I belong to a group of people at risk, and my movement is very limited. I developed the whole infrastructure, server, application, and design in only three days, and I am still working at maintenance and adding new things. I have a regular job and I work on this application in spare time,” he told the Novosti daily.

Bijeljinac osmislio aplikaciju za pomoć nemoćnim @ InfoBijeljina

Given that he developed the app for a very short period it is natural that it has shortcomings, he says that it means a lot to him when people contact him and point to a potential problem or propose some improvement.

The application has a map where the user can mark their whereabouts and what they need /red marker/ or what kind of aid they can offer /blue marker/.

The special focus is on the security of personal data and there are security mechanisms that keep the user’s privacy.

“The system has been optimized for the majority of the countries so that data loaded and processed is only for the country in which you are. Most of the users at the moment are from Serbia, but there are users in other countries as well.
The Alliance of Psychotherapists of Serbia and the Animal Rescue Serbia joined the application. It is now possible to ask for expert psychological aid on the map, free of charge, in the territory of Serbia. Also, the Animal Rescue Serbia will gladly help you and take your pet for a walk or feed stray animals,” said young IT expert Uroš Simić.

So far, he received much praise for his app both from Serbia and abroad, but he says he is happy to be able to help at this difficult time.

The application is available for android at Play Store:
apps/details?id=rs.fourexample.isolation /end/sg


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