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Young married couple Kostic left to live in counrtyside


While most young people are leaving the village today, twenty-one-year-old Bojana and Nikola Kostic are expanding their family and farm in the village of Peljave near Lopar.

In this family farming transfers from generation to generation and this young couple see perspective in goat farming.  They sell milk and goat cheese and their desire is to increase the herd to make this production even more seriously.

Nikola, while he was still in high school cultivated 200 dunums of land. In addition to cultivating the land, he fed cattle, milked cows but also dreamed of finding a soulmate to share with her a love for farming. He points out that his wish was fulfilled.

We met at school. We started family early after we got married very young. I became father right after my 18th birthday when I got my daughter Nikolina, and year after that my son Georgia. They are my greatest treasure and I hope that we will have more children, says this young farmer.

While young people his age rarely opting for marriage and offspring because its carries a numerous obligations, Nikola says that he did not repent.

This young couple states that they are “on their feet” from morning till dark, because the stables are full of cows, sheep, goats and that all should be fed. Nothing is difficult for them, they are happy that children eat all home-made egg products, through milk to meat.

Nikola and Bojana take the slogan “who wants to have, must work” throughout their lives, so it is not difficult for them to get up at four in the morning and about six in the winter. They point out that everyone in this household knows what is their obligation.

In addition to expanding his family and his farm, Nikola is also working to improve his knowledge. After high school, agricultural technician retrained as a veterinary technician, primarily for household savings.

Just as Nikola was running for his grandfather as a kid and helping him with his cattle, so is little Georgia, who will soon be two years old, following his father in his footsteps.

Agriculture is likely to remain Kostic’s tradition.

They hope to succeed in making plans and, in the future, to be recognized for healthy products – the work of their valuable hands.



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