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YouTube Channel “English Is Cool” Students Follow With Enthusiasm


Two teachers from the Elementary School in Osijek near Doboj created cute videos for easier learning of English. Their animations are attracting more and more attention, and apart from a little effort, animations do not require any cost and investment.

Teacher Slavica and student Nataša are the main characters of educational and at the same time funny video clips that, through interesting school situations, teach children English.

Adventures were created by English teachers from the elementary school “Radoje Domanović” in Osijek, Slavica Marković and Nataša Vajić.

– Audio-visual aids have proven to be extremely good tools, they are entertaining and educational. Colleague Nataša performs Technical parts, so a video clip is created – Slavica explains.

Nataša adds that the first video was created as a kind of joke.

The idea for the videos, they say, is progressing.

The students follow their animated recordings on the YouTube channel “English is cool” with enthusiasm.

– We support every kind of innovation in teaching, that is our future – said Saša Zivanović, director of the elementary school “Radoje Domanović”.

The idea arose during the online classes. The short time allotted for the class needed to be supplemented with something else, which would make it easier to learn English.

Creative teachers have more plans for the future. They want to write a grammar of English for the lower grades of primary school would help students a lot in learning English.




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