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Zelengora – one of the most beautiful mountin in the Republika Srpska (VIDEO)

Photo: @novak.elcic

Zelengora is a mountain range in the Sutjeska National Park of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has a highest altitude of 2,014 metres (6,608 ft).

Geologically, the Zelengora range is part of the Dinaric Alps and formed largely of secondary and tertiary sedimentary rock, mostly limestone.[2] The Zelengora range is bordered to the south-west by the Neretva river, to the east by the Sutjeska river and to the north by the Lelija range.

Zelengora, considered to be the most beautiful mountain in the Republika Srpska, and the Balkans in general, and one of its lakes – Orlovačko Lake (at 1438 m above sea level).

This spacious and peaceful mountain, covered with beautiful forests and endless grassy areas, is especially adorned by its eight clear glacial lakes, the so-called “mountain eyes”, located at the foot of its imposing peaks.

People who’ve climbed this mountain say that Zelengora is no ordinary mountain, but a mountain that invites us to be one with the nature and the amazing silence and peace that reigns its slopes.

Zelengora is now known as “a wilderness of outstanding beauty”. The eroded peaks of Zelengora that emerge from large mixed forests, attract, also because of the remoteness of the area, relatively few hikers. The wildness of the nature and the complete lack of signs of modern civilization gives these mountains a special appeal. The area around Orlovačko Jezero -and elsewhere- though, bears visible traces of historical habitation.




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