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Zeljka Cvijanovic: Republika Srpska will continue to operate stably and solidly


Republika Srpska President Zeljka Cvijanovic said that Srpska is characterized by institutional and financial stability and political maturity and that in the coming year, the Republika Srpska institutions will continue to operate stably and solidly.

“When you draw the line and say, we have been able to increase salaries as we have said, we have been able to increase pensions, we have been able to realize numerous projects, despite the blockade that we did not have a new Council of Ministers – this represents a common success of the institutions and citizens of Republika Srpska,” she said.

She stressed that Srpska will continue to succeed.

“Holidays and Republic Day are waiting for us, and after that everything that the Government of Srpska has planned in cooperation with other institutions will surely be felt. The National Assembly, the President of the Republic and the Council of Ministers cannot be separated from this,” Cvijanovic said for Radio Republika Srpska.

She expressed her satisfaction that the Government of Srpska was able to realize many investments, and that when the new Council of Ministers was operational, what was waiting would be unblocked.

Cvijanovic stated that she had spoken with the Council of Ministers Chairman, Zoran Tegeltija, who was taking office and that Tegeltija’s first move would be a working meeting with the entity prime ministers.

“It is a new practice and should show how we should function. In the previous period, there was no communication and cooperation, because different political groups were at different levels of government. Some people saw this as a hotbed for political battles,” she said Cvijanovic.

She emphasized that the desire for this type of communication, announced by Tegeltija, was to be “real communication” which would be in the interest of both the Serbs and the Federation of BiH / FBiH / and its citizens.

Speaking about the successes during the first year since President of Srpska, Cvijanovic mentioned the recently held donor evening “With a Brave Heart of Love”, and singled out those days when everyone is eager to help one another and when society is aware that families exist who need help.

“It really makes me happy. It’s life. It’s a joy. What political games, what performances, and what kind of nonsense we are, unfortunately, here, is an opportunity or annoyance to watch,” Cvijanovic said.

She said that the purpose of the policy was to be talkative and serious, to expose everything to the public eye and to check everything with the citizens in elections.

“We have to feel the debt to the citizens, you cannot be detached from society but integrated into it. Every person must be respected if you want to get that respect. You have to respect the institutions, you have to fulfill what you promised, or just enough to explain if there is some disruption or some problem so you failed to realize something, ” Cvijanovic noted.

According to her, if one is not able to mobilize in moments that are important to others, then one may ask “what am I doing at all.”

Cvijanovic says she is satisfied with the level of communication she has as prime minister and former Prime Minister, she is satisfied with the communication that the Government of Srpska has with social partners, representatives of a group of citizens, as well as with the work of the National Assembly of Srpska nurturing political stability. quality laws would be adopted.

“It is important that everything is stable because if you want to increase salaries and pensions, you are not doing it on another planet, you are solving it in your institutions and that is why institutions should not be truncated,” Cvijanovic said.

She added that the institutions of Srpska will continue to respect their citizens, that they will continue to understand what their needs are.

Cvijanovic condemned and, as she called it, all the performances and sketches that could be seen at a special session of the National Assembly of Srpska.

“We could, that is, the National Assembly could take all the actions and levers it has in its hands. This means that when someone makes a mess or acts unworthy, or when doing what is not allowed, parliamentary security could be activated. and to throw such people out, but we always show some tolerance here, because we know that someone wants to stage certain things, “Cvijanovic said.

She found it unacceptable for someone who is a deputy to approach the prime minister and throw something in his face and the like, but it is also inappropriate to act as a reaction.

“You can’t do it without thinking about the event between Drasko Stanivukovic and Dragan Lukac, because I don’t know what he wants to do. To show that we are all tolerant, that we will not activate the necessary measures, you can approach and she can do what you want. She can’t do that, “Cvijanovic said, adding that she can’t do what anyone wants.

She added that she does not approach anyone or threaten anyone or make anyone in an awkward situation, noting that there are spaces for skits and performances.

Giving a cumulative assessment of the events of the past year as President of Srpska, she stated that the Republic Day had been successfully celebrated, that all that the Government of Srpska had promised had been done, which the previous government when it was in charge, and the latter, the government upgraded or added certain solutions.

“It is a success knowing that times are still tough and that many more institutions of Srpska have to do,” Cvijanovic said.


Source: SRNA



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