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Zeljković: The Institute Is Preparing a Proposal for New Measures in Srpska for the Holidays


Branislav Zeljković, director of the RS Institute of Public Health, said that the epidemiological situation remained unfavorable and announced intensified controls.

“We call on all citizens who plan to organize private parties for the holidays not to do so. The control will be strengthened. The Institute will prepare a proposal for the Republic Headquarters on measures during the holidays,” said Zeljković. He added that a number of citizens still do not respect epidemiological measures.

“We still have an unfavorable epidemiological situation. We still have an unfavorable flow of the number of positive people. The number of positive people itself increases the number of hospitalized,” Zeljković said.

He added that the virus itself does not know the age, gender, religion, nation, and that adherence to measures in the future is necessary.

Epidemiologist Jela Aćimović reminded that the recommendation of the Institute is to spend the holidays among those closest to us and those whose health we care about the most.

She reminded that the winter season is in progress and that it was a source of infection in the previous season in Europe, but also in our country, specifically in Banja Luka.




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